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Our pods (rooms) provide a quiet and restful stay when you return from adventures in the city you are visiting. Entering your Bobobox gives a sense of security and home, even as our spaces pamper your senses with a magical glow to make your stay even more rewarding. Our pods are furnished with one king-size bed, an air-conditioner, a compact working area, Bluetooth speaker, adjustable light, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. You can control your pod from opening the door to diming the light to adjusting volume of our speaker with a click away from our apps. You can climb in if you pick our Sky room (Odd number) or dive in if you pick our Earth room (Even number).

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Brand New Pod Room Experience

Brand New Pod Room Experience

Ready to experience full technology integrated pods? Unlock possibilities with Bobobox’s smart key access, easy adjustable lighting, air conditioner, bluetooth audio, all at your control!

Super Comfy

Super Comfy

Not sure where else you can find Pod Hotel with King Size bed. Clean, safe, quiet for light sleeper.

Sleep With Style

Sleep With Style

Designed perfectly with “Make it Instragramable-trend” in mind! We at Bobobox provide best pod room design, light and cutting-edge technology.

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1st accomodation service focus on EXPERIENCE more

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Affordable (A fair and efficient pricing strategy for everyone)

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Social aspect (to bring back the golden age of backpacking in this technology era by creating a platform for our guests to connect)

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Freedom of expression (it’s all about me, talk about smart travellers and millennial adventurers)

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Mutual>is>me (be a force for good by supporting local businesses and communities)